Original Statement

For some time, nearly all of the Moderators on Rennlist.com have been objecting to the racism, bigotry, misinformation, and prejudice found in the Members-only sub-forum called “Politics and Debate.” The content of that forum is not worthy or representative of the Rennlist Community, or the Rennlist name, in our opinion. We have asked Rennlist corporate owner, Internet Brands, to take swift and meaningful action to remove and stop racism, bigotry, misinformation, and prejudice without further delay. Please let the world know if you agree. As a result of our stance, most of us have been blocked out of that sub-forum and have no ability to remove or moderate its content. Should Internet Brands choose to take punitive action against us for publicly objecting to racism and bigotry, please know it has been our honor and privilege to be part of the Rennlist community all these years. 


John Dunkle, Rennlist Founder

Mark in Baltimore, Co-Administrator, Member since 2002

Tom M`Guinn, Moderator, Member since 2002

Marine Blue, Moderator, Member since 2004

deilenberger, Super Moderator, Member since 2011

dr bob, Super Moderator, Member since 2001

foodbiker, Moderator, Member since 2014

Il pirata, Super Moderator, Member since 2011

Todd B, Moderator, Member since 2001

OCNYPORSCHE, Super Moderator, Member since 2008

paulkromz, Moderator, Member since 2013

Feel free to repost on social media with the hashtag #NotOnRL, or link to www.NotOnRL.com so others can find this if it gets deleted on Rennlist.